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New! Revolutionary Multimedia Training Program with Online Training Platform and Exclusive Studio-Produced, Animated Graphic Tutorials!

Worldwide Training for Realtime Court Reporting, Broadcast Captioning, and CART Providing!

Chosen By…

Ask about CRAH’s Auburn University Certificate Program and 18-Month Deferred Payments for those who Qualify!

COMPREHENSIVE…Includes all realtime court reporting, captioning, and CART Providing training materials, including multimedia online training platform, exclusive full studio-produced, animated graphic video tutorials; customized speed building practice regimen; all NECESSARY ACADEMICS; New Blaze realtime steno machine, featuring a flip up touch screen; computer aided transcription student software; steno dictionary; 365 days a year support by credentialed court reporters, or captioners, or CART Providers; internship and job placement for program completers! Although the NCRA no longer offers an approval process for theories, the CRAH “Realtime Reporting and Captioning Theory” was approved by the NCRA in 2003 and may be found on their website clearinghouse for theories.  CRAH is a certification preparation program.

  • Do you want to earn a $100,000 or more?
  • Do you want to work from home and have job security in a high demand profession?
  • Do you want to own your own business and set your own schedule?
  • Do you want to train at your own pace from the comfort of your home?
  • Do you want to have a profession without attending a traditional court reporting school or college?


SUPERIOR…..State of the art realtime training materials with only credentialed court reporters, or captioners, or CART Providers, for support. The ONLY realtime writing distance learning program with studio produced, animated graphic video tutorials! A superior multi-media, realtime, online learning platform. The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program is SUPERIOR to traditional court reporting schools.

FASTER…..The fastest realtime court reporting, captioning, CART Providing training available.

SIMPLIFIED…..A revolutionary realtime writing training method that makes it easier to learn theory and build speed faster.


Crystal J., RPR
Crystal J., RPR
CRAH is an amazing program. 

I am honored to have had the opportunity to prepare for the RPR exam utilizing resources from CRAH.  CRAH is very supportive.  They gave pointers on ways to pass the RPR.  After preparing with CRAH academic materials, I was able to pass the RPR Written Knowledge Exam on the first try, and I will be expanding my credentials.   I would definitely recommend CRAH to anyone who’s seeking to further their career as a Court Reporter, or Captioner, or Cart Provider.  CRAH is an amazing program.


Crystal J., RPR


Kylie B., RPR, Illinois CSR, Court Reporter
Kylie B., RPR, Illinois CSR, Court Reporter
Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity!

As I started searching for Illinois court reporting schools, I found out quickly that I was going to have to drive at least an hour every day and pay thousands a year to go to school. When I found Court Reporting and Captioning at Home, it just made sense. It was a one-time payment; plus, it allowed me to practice at home for five hours or more a day and work a part-time job.

I completed my theory in under three months. However, speed building was a challenge for me and took me longer than most students. My nerves and perfectionist mentality stifled my writing every time I tested. CRAH always encouraged me along the way and always made me feel capable of completing this program.

Additionally, CRAH was extremely helpful in preparing me for the NCRA’s RPR exams. They provided me with as many mock tests as I needed, a comprehensive certification manual, and other Written Knowledge Test study materials. I wouldn’t have passed without them. I am now a Registered Professional Reporter and a Certified Shorthand Reporter in the State of Illinois.

I also landed a job with a wonderful local reporting firm thanks to Linda. CRAH doesn’t leave you alone. They did the job searching for me and made certain that I was established with a good firm. I send out a big “thank you” to Linda and the Support Staff for all of your help and support! You all went above and beyond to help me. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Jessica S., CART Captioner
Jessica S., CART Captioner
If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  I would highly recommend CRAH!

Although I had some prior training with a traditional school quite a few years back, they, unfortunately, closed before I could finish, leaving me feeling pretty devastated.  When I began with CRAH, I decided to start over from the beginning with Theory to ensure I could be an excellent realtime writer.  The CRAH Theory is an excellent realtime theory!  One of the professional CART captioners who assessed my writing said my writing and translation were phenomenal for a novice!  So I knew my theory was excellent!

Having attended the actual school before CRAH, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical.  I wasn’t sure if I would have the drive or the discipline to be at home practicing diligently like I knew I would need to in order to finish my program.  However, with the CRAH Support Team, you never feel alone.

I am beyond grateful, too, that I was able to obtain financing for CRAH through their partnership with The Auburn University (Yes, you read that right.), and I think it’s amazing that I now have a Certificate of Completion from a major university!

Through lots of hard work and perseverance, I passed my 225 QA!  Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that YOU accomplished this, and no one else.  The Support Team at CRAH is incredible.  Everything was always placed on my student platform when it was required, including tests!  Support was always cheering me on, which helped me some days more than they realize, I am sure.  And there is one thing I can say for sure, the structured Speed Building Practice Regimen was responsible for helping me build my speed so quickly.

CRAH is above and beyond what you could ever expect of any school and provides unbelievably excellent Support and the best words of encouragement when you need them the most.  Their wisdom, experience, and Support always left me feeling reassured.   When I decided to train for CART captioning, CRAH scheduled both a remote CART internship as well as an onsite CART internship at a nearby university!  I am still blown away by that and forever grateful to CRAH for allowing me to have that experience.   Because of CRAH’s job placement assistance, I am now employed with an amazing group of people who I know will help me become the CART captioner I know I can be.


I think the greatest thing I can reflect on now that I have completed my CART training is that CRAH is not just an online training program, they are a family.  CRAH is a tremendous group of talented people who have the experience to help you in the best ways possible.  I can honestly say I feel I am a part of the CRAH family.  And I know that my relationship with CRAH doesn’t end with the completion of my training!  They will always be available to answer any questions I may have and help guide me in any way they can as I navigate my way through my new career!

With all of that said, I know that if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  I would highly recommend CRAH!


Jessica S.

Meghan M., Professional Court Reporter
Meghan M., Professional Court Reporter
I received a job offer with the firm I interned with immediately!

I was a senior in high school when I first heard about the wonderful profession of Court Reporting.  That’s part of what I love about it.   There are people who don’t even know it exists!  I chose the CRAH online training rather than a brick-and-mortar school, and I am SO glad I did.  First off, I am completely debt free!  There is one price, and that is it.  They even provide their incredibly helpful Support Department FOR LIFE!  The Support Department doesn’t just answer your question; they give you a lengthy response that explains why something is a certain way, and they really make sure you understand it.  Also, this is a need-to-know program.  What I mean by that is, you don’t have to take any other classes that don’t pertain to Court Reporting (or whichever career you choose).  They provide everything you require in training to become a professional Court Reporter, or Captioner, or CART Provider.  It was the perfect fit for me.  I am a no-nonsense, get straight to the point type of person. 🙂

I’m going to be honest here; this was not an easy journey by any means, but it was a VERY REWARDING journey.  Support develops a VERY structured Speed Building Practice Regimen for you based upon the number of hours you tell them you can practice most days, but it is up to YOU how much you really practice.  You can take it anywhere and take as much time as you need to finish.  This training takes a great deal of discipline, extreme determination, and the will to get back up again after falling down.  (These are valuable life lessons that I only learned while taking this program!)

There were days that I wanted to quit, and days that I thought there was no way I was ever going to finish.  But there were also always days where I’d pass a speed level that I’d been trying to pass and days where my writing was very clean, and I could feel myself progressing!  All I can say is NEVER GIVE UP.  Practice when you don’t want to practice.  Practice while everyone else is on a break.  It is worth it!

Today, I am a professional Court Reporter at 22 years old.  After I finished this program, CRAH contacted a court reporting firm and set up my internship, wrote a letter of recommendation for me to receive a two-year Temporary Work Permit, and I received a job offer with the firm I interned with immediately!

Linda and the CRAH Support Department continue to help me prepare to pass the next certification exam.   They truly care about you and want you to become a successful reporter, captioner, or CART provider, and THAT is what makes this program so very valuable!

Remember: The good things in life only come after long, hard work.


Meghan M., Professional Court Reporter

Karen F., Captioner, CART Provider
Karen F., Captioner, CART Provider
I will be stadium captioning the Super Bowl!
"I was honored when I was asked to caption Superbowl 50 at Levis Stadium!
Words cannot describe the excitement and proud feelings rushing through my mind and body as I prepare for this day!

Learning how to "script" has saved me in preparing to write the most exciting assignment ever!!

With over 70,000 Superbowl fans using their smartphones/wifi on Gameday, you can guarantee that I will be prepared!!"

I am captioning the San Francisco 49ers games again and have a contract with the brand new Levis Stadium! So I now caption all events at Levis Stadium. It’s exciting! They have put my captions on all 2700 TV screens! I really do enjoy captioning the games and events. It’s really fun!


Karen F., Captioner, CART Provider, Realtime Writer

I’m ready … every Sunday as I prepare to write the next professional football game! When I was training with Court Reporting and Captioning at Home, I never dreamed that one day I would be spending my Sundays captioning an NFL game!

While I’ve REALLY enjoyed my career as a CART provider, writing for hearing impaired students in colleges, I wanted to branch out into captioning, too. I enjoy every assignment. I don’t consider what I do “work.” I LOVE my two careers!

During my training with CRAH, I worked full time and had two small children. You HAVE to make the time to practice. But if I could do this, you can, too.

There are SO many employment opportunities as a realtime writer, and my training with Court Reporting and Captioning at Home and their wonderful Support Department made it all possible. Realtime writing keeps us in demand!

I have to say that as a professional, reaching out and asking for help, looking for resources, is a must if you want to advance in the career of your dreams. Like anything else, you have to expect hard work to get great results.

Just remember … It is never too late to train for your dream career, one tailored to your personality and skills. Believe in your dreams. They are ready and waiting to come true, but you have to take the first step and get started.

All my best, Karen

Exciting News from CRAH
Exciting News from CRAH
New Private Educational Funding For Those Who Qualify! 18 months’ deferred payments and possibly as much as 2-1/2 years’ deferred payments

CRAH is pleased to announce it has partnered with Auburn University to offer Professional Development Programs in Realtime Court Reporting, Broadcast Captioning, and CART Providing for new students as well as current court reporters. For details about this new partnership call 877-253-0200.

The MyCAA program for Military Spouses is now available through Auburn University! Contact Court Reporting and Captioning at Home for details. Read More…

Joanne L., RPR
Joanne L., RPR
I am now working for a court reporting firm in New York

After deciding to return to the court reporting profession after 20 years, I chose this program, because I could work at my own pace from my home.  What I found immediately with CRAH was how quickly their Support Staff responded to my questions and concerns, which always followed with encouragement.  I started from the beginning, incorporating CRAH theory with my theory, building speed, reviewing academics, learning CAT software and voluntarily preparing for the RPR.  What I believe helped me achieve my goal of attaining my RPR once again within a year of beginning the program was a daily and committed Speed Building Practice Regimen developed by the Support Department. They also developed an RPR Speed Building Practice Regimen for me to reach 225 wpm and to help me pass the RPR, which I did, even though it is not a requirement in New York!

It's very normal during your training to become discouraged and frustrated.  Those are exactly the moments when you do NOT want to put the machine way.  Instead, reach out to the Support Staff and ask them questions and explore what might be impeding your progress.  When I needed help determining my decisions regarding whether to enter CART, deposition reporting, or returning to a court position, CRAH was there to help me.

CRAH is dedicated to the success of their students and provides you with what you need to succeed!  I am now working for a court reporting firm in New York and love it.

Joanne L.


Court Reporting At Home Testimonial
Katie S., Court Reporter
I Completed My Training in 13 Months!!
My situation is a bit different from that of most students. I had the luxury of not working while I trained for court reporting, and I was able to treat my Court Reporting training and Captioning at Home training like a job. I practiced 5-6 hours most days, and in 13 months I had completed Theory and Speed Building to 225 wpm and begun my internship process. There were days when it was a chore to force myself to practice, but I could see the continual progress, and that was an incentive for me to continue to practice. The Theory was easy to learn! The studio produced video theory tutorials are amazing, and make learning theory fun!

I then began learning the CAT software. I reside in a very small town, and CRAH helped me establish an internship. When I could produce a transcript using the CAT software, CRAH began searching for Court Reporting employment opportunities for me. This was quite difficult, because there are so few attorneys and reporters in my town. However, I am thrilled to say, I have accepted employment with a great firm and LOVE my new career!

Thank you, Court Reporting and Captioning at Home!

Anna H., CART Provider
Anna H., CART Provider
Because of CRAH I'm a CART Provider and I love it!
I am very happy to have found the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program. I started out as an online court reporting student at another school, but made the switch to Court Reporting and Captioning at Home after some extensive research into traditional and online court reporting programs. I want to share with you some of the benefits that I have found with this wonderful program.

One, as a mother of two young boys that I also homeschool, flexibility was key for me. CRAH provided that flexibility that I absolutely needed. I was not worried about having to meet the hourly requirements per week like at other online court reporting schools. I could put in more hours a week or less hours depending on my schedule.

Two, the affordability of the program was enticing. I was spending about 3K per semester at my other online court reporting program basically teaching myself anyway. Sure, there were lessons to practice and teachers to ask questions, BUT THEY WERE NOTHING LIKE WHAT I GET AT CRAH… which brings me to my next benefit of CRAH… SUPPORT!

The support that I received from Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is second to none! It is NOTHING like what I found at my other online school. The support team is so helpful and knowledgeable, and they have encouraged me every step of the journey. I have e‑mailed them questions MANY times, and I was never left waiting or wondering when, or if, I’d even get an answer or response. You will ALWAYS want to keep in touch with this amazing support team that is available to you and FOR you!

If you have found yourself in that same position, then you are probably fed up like I once was. CRAH’s program and Support team may be just what you’re looking for and need. CRAH, as well as any other program or theory, is not a magic pill. This skill takes nothing less than hard work, determination, and focus. But when you use correctly all the tools that the CRAH program provides you, especially the Speed Building Practice Regimen, and stick with it, you will find the program as a wonderful compass and guide that can help lead you into the career of your dreams. Because of the CRAH training program and Linda’s help, I am now working professionally as a CART Provider, and I LOVE IT!!!! It is really a dream come true for me! I am having so much fun . I’m so blessed to have found a career I LOVE!

Anna H.

Update:  Anna H.,
Update: Anna H.,


I wanted to share something that has made me so happy.

I am CARTing an EXTREMELY difficult class this semester. This class is a KILLER, because the professor talks a mile a minute.   He discussed cellular biology in less than 5 minutes, because he was rushing to get it all in before class ended. So you can imagine how FAST that was. Anyway, at the end of class, I had the student say this! Put me on Cloud 9!!! I am SOOOO happy!!!!  This really helped me!! 🙂

 "Your captions are awesome! Thank you."

Ann B., RPR – Colorado
Ann B., RPR – Colorado
The support staff is always there and quick to reply

After reporting for four years, I took 20 years off from court reporting.  I had tried to go back once on my own but was unsuccessful.  I found that I really needed a refresher of theory and, of course, lots of practice for the speed building.   I started from the beginning with the CRAH theory.  The theory is very systematic and well organized.  The support staff is always there and quick to reply to every question that comes up.   It was nice to be in regular contact with them, as not too many people understand why it takes so many hours of practice and so much dedication.  BUT it is so worth it!


I not only updated my theory, but the Support Department developed a customized Speed Building Practice Regimen for me, placed the practice materials on my platform, and I rebuilt my speed to 225 wpm.  Support then developed an RPR Speed Building Practice Regimen for me, and I passed the RPR!!  I am now back in the field and learning new things every day!  I never thought I could stay at home with my kids for 20 years and then go straight back into such a great profession.  Court Reporting and Captioning at Home (CRAH) made that attainable for me.  THANK YOU!

Kristina C., CART Captioner
Kristina C., CART Captioner
The best part is, when you finish, they find you a job!

I have wanted to be a court reporter since I was in my 20’s but never had the good fortune to live anywhere near a school that offered the program (no internet back then!).  Life went on, and 30 years later, I was just looking up online court reporting schools, contemplating just going for it, when I came across Court Reporting and Captioning at Home and thought it looked perfect! The brick and mortar schools were far too expensive to take that chance. 

The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home online program worked perfectly for me!  As an “older student,” your brain may not absorb the information quite as quickly as a younger student, but it definitely is possible, and I’M LIVING PROOF! 

I loved the CRAH program as you do it at your own pace. Support is available to you whenever you need it, and they are EXTREMELY helpful!  The best part is, when you finish, they find you a job!  AND THEY REALLY DO!  Linda herself worked very hard at getting me internships and employment. 

I started off wanting to be a court reporter, but after interning for a few firms and in court a few times, I decided this was not the type of work I really wanted to do. So, I asked Linda to prepare me for CART providing, and she sent me the CRAH CART Providing training materials, and I trained for CART.  She then developed a remote (from my home) internship with a wonderful former student of hers who now owns her own CART business, and she has helped me tremendously in the field and even employed me for classes with her school!  I am currently providing remote CART services twice a week with this college, which is preparing me to go out on my own and solicit work with schools close to me, or even schools who would prefer remote captioners.  So, my experience with CRAH was and is a very positive experience!  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get into this wonderful field!

Newest RPR’s, Working Professionals, and Interns!
Newest RPR’s, Working Professionals, and Interns!

Congratulations to …

Crystal J., who passed the RPR and is now a working reporter!

Joanne L., who passed the RPR and has just accepted employment with a large freelance firm in New York!

Ann B., who passed the RPR and is now working as a freelance reporter!

Jodie S., who passed the RPR and is beginning an internship!  Jodie will be moving to the U.S. from Australia, having trained with CRAH on both continents.  Jodie’s career choice is court reporting.

Kylie B., who passed the RPR and is completing her internship, AND will be working with a very prestigious court reporting firm in Illinois!

Ahlam A., who passed the RPR Examination!  CRAH placed Ahlam in a CART Providing position with UC Berkeley!

Kyle R., who has passed the Literary and the Testimony portions of the RPR! Kyle has served as an Official Court Reporter in Georgia even though he had not completed all portions of the RPR as there was a tremendous need for his services immediately! Kyle worked on a Temporary Permit and is now focusing on passing the remaining portions of his RPR to allow him to work as a freelance court reporter! Good luck, Kyle!

Kristina C., who is interning for a CART providing position!  CRAH has had Kristina’s writing assessed by a CART Provider and Captioner who have given her writing and translation their seal of approval!  Kristina is currently interning for a CART Providing position!

Romaine J. and Camille J., twins, have been performing a remote CART internship and have both chosen to perform an onsite CART internship as well!  They will be ready for employment very soon!


Dominique D., RPR
Dominique D., RPR
I began my training in high school, and I'm now an RPR!

Hello. My name is Dominique. I was home schooled for two years in high school during which time I trained with the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home self-paced online court reporting program as a one-hour elective. After I finished the theory lessons, I began my speed building and within 7 months I was able to pass a Q&A test at 225 WPM with 95% accuracy. I have passed the Literary, Jury Charge, and Written Knowledge portion of the RPR exam. I have now PASSED my RPR certification through the National Court Reporters Association!

My Dad wanted me to do this court reporting program so I could have a career that I could do while I completed my college education. The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home  Support Staff has been so kind, helpful, and quick to respond. Also, they developed a Speed Building Practice Regimen for me as I prepared to take the last leg of the RPR exam.  It has been an interesting and challenging journey, and I HIGHLY recommend Court Reporting and Captioning at Home to anyone interested in an exciting, productive, and lucrative career as a Realtime Court Reporter, Closed Captioner, or CART Provider.

Dominique, RPR


I'm an RPR and a Court Reporting Firm Owner!

I passed the Mississippi CSR Exam!!! Court Reporting and Captioning at Home developed a speed building practice regimen for me just based on passing the Mississippi CSR Certification Exam, and it worked!

The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program was the best decision I could have made for my future! I had the experience of going to a court reporting school, so I can actually compare the difference between the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home home study program and attending a traditional court reporting school. I would recommend the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home online program to anybody interested in court reporting, broadcast captioning, and CART Providing.

First of all, Linda’s real time theory is super easy to learn. It is amazing how simplified she has made learning something that could be extremely difficult. I was able to finish her lesson plan in two months’ time and then start my speed building.

Her court reporting speed building platform does have difficult material, but with the real time theory that her court reporting program teaches, it only took me 9 months to pass two of her 225 wpm tests for testimony, as well as the 180 lit and 200 JC.

The court reporting support staff was always there for me with a quickly returned email. Due to her wonderful court reporting training program and her assistance in placement, I am now working in Mississippi for an amazing court reporting firm and have more work than I can handle. I am able to hook up real time during an assignment, and because of her theory, I have the confidence to set this up and allow the attorneys to view my realtime writing if they like. I am so grateful for Linda developing the Court Reporting at Home program and would choose her court reporting program over any court reporting school or court reporting school online program again if I had it to do over!!

Thanks so very, very much, Linda.

-Amy K.

Barb M., CART Captioner, Canada
Barb M., CART Captioner, Canada
Now I’m employed as a CART Captioner!
My name is Barbara, and I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart to Linda Bland and the entire staff at Court Reporting and Captioning at Home. I’m sure they had no idea what they were getting themselves into when I made the decision to train with this incredible program! I am a single mother of a son and daughter who are now adults, and now my family has extended to include my daughter-in-law. Also, I’m a proud grandmother of three little boys. Additionally, I own and operate a cattle ranch in southern Alberta, Canada.

Special thanks go to the incredible Support Department for setting up a time-management regimen that allowed me to work through the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program consistently day by day, as well as the endless time and support they provided me from start to finish. I think we all invested a lot of time in me given my occupation! And everyone was always patient, caring, professional and informative. There were times when they had to pick me up, brush me off, and give me another push in the right direction. Their support was amazing. They never allowed me to quit!

They committed to get me through this program, and I, in turn, committed to do everything they advised. I had to be very disciplined and consistent, and now I’m so grateful I followed Court Reporting and Captioning at Home’s instructions. They definitely understood me as an individual. Their very structured Speed Building Practice Regimen absolutely was responsible for helping me build my speed.

When I was closer to being ready to caption, Linda and her staff provided me with an internship from my home in Canada, and I also chose to perform an additional onsite internship in southern California for a week. They provided me with job placement, and now I’m employed as a CART Captioner for deaf or hearing impaired college students. I have recently started to work remotely from home, and I’m getting such great experience as an Independent Contractor. I love my job! It also allows me to continue with my ranching which is also a huge part of our life.

Thank you, again, Court Reporting and Captioning at Home. I know I was a challenge for you, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my choice to train with you that has allowed me to reach my ultimate goal.

Barbara M., CART Captioner



The support is absolutely the best!
Dreams do come true, even if they take decades. Twenty-four years ago, I pursued the traditional two-year school setting to become a court reporter. At first, I was impressed with the glamour and importance of the field. After I completed my 225 WPM; however, I just did not follow through with my internship. Since that time, I found my niche in the fashion industry and have been self-employed all these years in the retail clothing industry.

A few years ago, there was an opportunity here on St. Croix Virgin Islands, where I was born and raised, for me to make some additional income in a field that I had trained in so many years ago. So I started seeking some information on the web and ran into I read every testimonial and information offered on this website. I was impressed and encouraged with what I found and made the decision to allow Linda and her team to help me rebuild my speed as well as update my theory to a realtime writing theory. This was one of the greatest decisions ever; it was money well spent!

Because of my hectic schedule, it took me a little longer than expected, but nonetheless, I persevered. The support team here is absolutely the best. They provided great feedback and on time responses. They were so supportive and encouraging through my journey. And boy, what a journey it was. It took me a while to stay focused, because being a single mom, raising two teenaged boys, running a business, and becoming newly engaged was at times very distracting. I was determined and relentlessly trained to complete the program. Thus, once I made up my mind, set some deadlines, and worked with the support staff at, I completed the program.

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home scheduled an internship for me with a local court reporter. Upon completion of my internship, I obtained my dream job in the court system. I was interviewed and hired at the Superior Court in our Territory! I am now preparing to take the RPR examinations and hope to pass them on my first attempt. I’m still in contact with Linda and her staff to help me through this process. To anyone trying to make up their mind about this wonderful program, I say this is the way to go; I say to you, look no further. I just want to say thank you, to you, Linda, and your staff, for your willingness to see me through this.

It was an unbelievable pleasure going through this program with your support. I’m glad I made the right choice. You are testimony to the words of Albert Pike: “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Evelyn Z., Captioner and CA. CSR
Evelyn Z., Captioner and CA. CSR
CRAH let me fulfill my dream to become a Closed Captioner!
My 36-year career as a Court Reporter began at the age of 19 in my home state of California. My dream was to work in court; however, my school administrator informed me no one would hire me for a court position straight out of school with no experience. He meant no harm, but I wouldn’t let anyone discourage me. I believe in asking for what I want. So with no experience at the age of 20 I was hired as a court official in Superior Court in Northern California.

Fast forward to 2014. It’s time for a change. But what happened to the fearless young adult who had turned into a self-doubting, middle-aged woman. Can I re-invent myself? Can I change my writing after 36 years? Can I become a Broadcast Captioner?

After researching courses on the Internet, I decided “The Court Reporting and Captioning At Home” Captioning course would be my best choice. After speaking with Linda Bland and without hesitation, I ordered the course. This course gave me the necessary tools to successfully transition to Broadcast Captioning. I will admit I had my moments of frustration because change can be difficult, but anything worth having is worth fighting for. Once again, I was determined to fulfill my dream.

Upon completing the CRAH Captioning course I submitted my first and only resume` by e-mail to a company which was my top choice for employment. To my surprise, I received an immediate response, and I was offered a position over the phone. No more fighting traffic, no more driving in storms, no more transcript deadlines. My official work attire is yoga pants and t-shirts. I almost can’t believe this is happening. I took a leap of faith. I began the CRAH Captioning course in March and by December, I have a full-time job. I have to pinch myself! Yes, I made it! You can, too.

A year from now we’re all going to be another year older. If not now, when? To quote Amelia Earhart, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.”

My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago.

Want to stay relevant? Want to stay young? Never Stop Learning! This evening I captioned the President’s State of the Union Address for a New York television station. This is very exciting for me! I couldn’t have done it without the CRAH course.

Evelyn Z.


Evelyn Z., Closed Captioner and California CSR

Jodie S., RPR, Australia
Jodie S., RPR, Australia
Jodie S., RPR, Australia

I just wanted to say a huge “Thank you” to Court Reporting and Captioning at Home for your wonderful program.  Before I started, I had emailed them with a number of questions about the program and whether they thought it would work for me.  My main concern was my location across the other side of the world in Australia.  However, this was not a problem, and they were able to quickly answer all my questions.  Even the logistics of getting the machine and program shipped to me was no hassle at all – It only took a few days to arrive. - I was so excited to open it up and get started. As soon as I saw all the materials I had been sent, I felt sure I was going to be able to complete this program at home with support from Court Reporting and Captioning at Home along the way.

The theory component is divided into 20 chapters of clear and easy to understand material.  The diagrams and explanations included were helpful, and I LOVED the little words of encouragement scattered throughout the theory too!  The online video instructions for the course were great, too.  It really made it feel like I was in a classroom learning this.

I was undertaking this training at the same time as raising two young children, so I wasn’t able to dedicate myself to it full time.  Even so, I was still able to get through the theory component quite quickly and onto the speed building.  The speed building component was also set out and organized so well.  I received my personalized Speed Building Practice Regimen and followed it exactly.  I knew how and what I should be practicing to develop my speed, so my time was always focused and not wasted trying to determine what I should practice.

The support department was truly amazing.  Any questions I had were always replied to so quickly.  Even the time difference between Australia and the US was never an issue.  I always received replies promptly, even on weekends and holidays.  It really was a huge help to know that someone was always available to answer any questions as soon as possible.

Another huge plus with the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program is that it provides academics training and materials needed to pass the RPR or State exams.  To achieve my RPR certification was always a goal of mine.  The academics material CRAH provided, along with the mock exams, prepared me perfectly for the written knowledge component of the RPR, and I passed it on the FIRST attempt.  With all the help, support, and practice material provided by Court Reporting and Captioning at Home, I can now say I am officially an RPR, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful team at Court Reporting and Captioning at Home!  Becoming a stenographer can be a bit of a lonely journey (especially training on the other side of the world), but I always felt like I had a team of supporters available to me at any time for questions or encouragement.  I honestly can’t recommend Court Reporting and Captioning at Home highly enough.  I have loved every minute of it.  Thank you so much for your fantastic program.

Priscella D., CART Provider
Priscella D., CART Provider
I can push through, and I can SUCCEED!

I had taken Court Reporting at a traditional court reporting school in my early 20’s and always regretted not finishing, when I found myself at home with two little ones.  I knew that this was the time I needed to prepare myself and find something I enjoyed doing to be able to contribute once my kids were in school.  My sister actually found Court Reporting and Captioning at Home online and told me about it.  I bought the court reporting program and began, but it has not been an easy road for me.  School was never ‘my thing.’   I wanted to quit.  I know for a while I did not study the way the Speed Building Practice Regimen was laid out.  I would get stuck in just writing and not editing.  I wanted to be able to put what I learned to use, but not under the stress of trying to juggle home and work and being absent from my kids or missing out on their school programs, etc.  And I certainly didn’t want a 9-5 job!

I spoke to Linda about this, and she told me about CART Providing and asked if I would be interested.  I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Could I really start working from home and make a decent income?  I really didn’t believe it was possible, but I was all ears.  After Court Reporting and Captioning at Home prepared me for CART Providing and scheduled a remote CART Providing internship for me, I was employed by a University.  It has been great!!  I am so glad I didn’t quit.  Every day I am learning more and becoming a better writer through this experience, and it is a great stepping stone for the future.  For now, this is where I want to be.

I am extremely grateful for Linda, the staff, and my Support people who were always there for me.  When I wanted to quit, Linda put me back on track and encouraged me to stick with it.  Thank you for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself!  Perseverance has taught me a lot about myself.  It has taught me that I CAN do the challenging things!  I can push through, and I can SUCCEED!

At 18 years old I became a professional court reporter!

My father, who believes very strongly in this court reporting course, purchased the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program for me my junior year of high school.

I was amazed how simplistic the lessons were and how quickly I was learning and progressing. I completed theory in roughly four months and passed the first four speed levels (60-120 wpm) in the next four months.

I passed the National Court Reporters Association’s Written Knowledge Test while I was still in high school, and then I completed my 225s. At 18 years old I went from being a court reporting student to a professional court reporter. I was employed by a court reporting firm after interning with them for only two weeks.

I’ve even appeared on the local news on two occasions while reporting a hearing in court.

I would not have been able to get where I am today without the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program and Support Department.

Chris Update

Chris recently passed the RPR (Registered Professional Reporter) exam administered by the National Court Reporters Association. He is now married and a member of one of the largest court reporting firms in Virginia!

Leigh Ann D., RPR
Leigh Ann D., RPR
Leigh Ann D., RPR
Congratulations to our former court reporting student Leigh Ann D. who passed the RPR! This is tremendous news! Leigh Ann was a transfer court reporting student who had trained online through a traditional court reporting school for three and half years and reached 180 wpm. After transferring to Court Reporting and Captioning at Home, we developed a Speed Building Practice Regimen, and within just a few months, Leigh Ann passed her 200s and 225s!

Mrs. Bland then wrote a Letter of Recommendation to the Mississippi State Board recommending a Temporary Work Permit be approved for Leigh Ann. It was approved, and she began working immediately for two different court reporting firms, one of which is co-owned by a former Court Reporting and Captioning at Home graduate! Within approximately two months, Leigh Ann passed all portions of her Registered Professional Reporter examination!
Leigh Ann had two small children and was a stay-at-home mom, training while taking care of her children. During the last few months of her training and while preparing for the RPR, she gave birth to her third child!! Congratulations again to Leigh Ann for all she has achieved. We are very proud of her.

I started my own Closed Captioning Company!

I attended a traditional court reporting school for SEVEN years. I was stuck at 200 wpm for the last two years and finally quit. I found the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program, and Linda gave me hope.

Utilizing a court reporting speed building practice regimen she developed for me, I was able to complete my court reporting training in three or four months. I am now a broadcast closed captioner captioning 30 hours per week and earn $108,000 per year.

Having federal student loans to repay from the traditional court reporting school approximating $50,000, I wish I had found the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home training program first. I can’t say enough about this wonderful court reporting program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone over a traditional court reporting school.


Karrie Update

I thought you might want to update your website with  some additional information. In addition to working for a closed captioning company, I have developed my own broadcast closed captioning business as well!

This is the beginning of my fourth year closed captioning, and I have increased my income from $108,000 per year to $180,000 plus per year. And the best part of it is that I still have time for my husband and two little girls! What a wonderful life! I can’t tell you how many people ask me if a court reporting degree is necessary to do this job, and I tell them absolutely not. I do not have a degree, and prior to training for captioning, I worked as a waitress, a bartender, and a sales clerk at Neiman Marcus. It was worth all the hard work, but I couldn’t have done it without the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home training program and Linda.

Thanks for sharing your court reporting knowledge and giving me the opportunity and confidence to complete my court reporting training after I was told by my former court reporting school I would never be a broadcast closed captioner.


Marcie Culliton, Captioner
Marcie Culliton, Captioner
CRAH made my dream to caption come true!
I have always wanted to see myself writing in realtime, but my old theory was full of conflicts. I thought it would be impossible to change my style of writing. Thirty years later, searching for court reporting schools through the internet, I found Court Reporting and Captioning at Home. I decided to start completely from scratch, as if I had never experienced steno before, and learned Linda Bland’s Realtime Reporting and Captioning theory. It was so organized and super easy to learn. At first I thought my brain and fingers might not incorporate the new concepts and would revert back to my old style of writing, but I was wrong. The first time I saw my writing in realtime, I actually had tears in my eyes. Writing in realtime is amazing! I learned realtime so much faster, because I made the switch from my old theory, when I first learned to become a court reporter, which was full of conflicts, to the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home theory. It was the best decision I made to achieve my dream to be a caption provider.

CRAH provided me with endless practice dictation, and with practice and wonderful support and encouragement from the Court Reporting at Home Support Department, I am writing realtime conflict-free! I also have found the asterisk is my friend, and I use it often to stay conflict-freeJ If a grandmother of a two-year-old can modify her theory, I truly believe CRAH’s theory can make any old-time steno writer into a realtime writer. Give it a whirl. You’ll be glad you did!

As for me now, I am doing exactly what I prayed for 14 years ago. I was sitting at a QWERTY keyboard typing telephone conversations for the deaf and hard of hearing at 80 w.p.m., and I said to God, “This would be so much easier if I was writing these conversations on a steno machine. Would you make it happen for me someday?” And here I am today writing business calls, personal calls, and even conference calls for the deaf and hard of hearing using my steno machine! I always tell God that I can do nothing without Him; but with God, I can do anything – even realtime J

Marcie, Telephone Captioner

Lisa T., CART Provider
Lisa T., CART Provider
CRAH helped me every step of the way!
There is not enough space in this testimonial section to fully encapsulate my experience with the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program.

Perhaps I should start with some adjectives: FANTASTIC! FUN! SUPPORTIVE! ASTOUNDING! And not to sound too over-kill or like a worn out infomercial, I cannot speak highly enough about Linda Bland’s CRAH program.

First, the theory is easier and more comprehensive than any brick and mortar court reporting school out there. I know this, because I attended a traditional court reporting school many years ago. I was unable to complete my schooling, but always wanted to finish. Like many, I found Linda’s court reporting and captioning program while doing a Google search. And believe me, I looked into all sorts of online and brick and mortar court reporting programs. After a long conversation with Linda, I was sold! For a fraction of the price of other court reporting programs, I was excited to begin my theory again. I finished theory in short order. The supportive staff helped me every step of the way and never made me feel silly for all of my questions. Linda’s and the staff’s support are truly endless, and their patience is unbelievable.

One of the many things that is so very special and unique about Linda Bland is that she will truly never, ever, never give up on you. I went through many highs and lows, and she was there for me through thick and thin. I truly love it. It is a dream come true! I cannot articulate how grateful I am to Linda and her staff for this experience. It has been life-changing.

If you are considering a career in court reporting, broadcast (closed) captioning or CART, look no further. You have found Court Reporting and Captioning at Home.

You will not regret your decision!

Lisa T.

Reprint of January, 2013 article from NCRA Journal of Court Reporting, CRAH Trains in Africa

Zambia Kuf

National Court Reporters Association

Journal of Court Reporting, Jan. 2013

by Linda Bland, RMR, RPR, CSR, CPE

I am very proud to say congratulations to the first realtime writing court re­porters trained for the judiciaries of Zambia and Sierra Leone, South Africa. With very few questions, limited Internet access, and a great deal of disci­pline and courage, they mastered the steno machine and achieved their goal in 18 months. I have trained many students over the years in the United States as well as internationally, and I am extremely proud of them all. However, I am exceptionally proud of these students who trained on the other side of the world in Africa!

When I was first approached by the Zambian judiciary and asked to provide information regarding my at-home study program, Court Reporting and Captioning at Home, I had no doubt it could be suc­cessful in Zambia. The Zambian judiciary through its IT expert, fondly referred to by the students and reporters as Mr. Kuf, eval­uated many options to train the students. However, after several communications, the judiciary selected us to train the first 10 realtime writing court reporters!

Click here to Read More about Zambia CRAH

CRAH fit perfectly into my schedule.

Jill has now passed the Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) Examination at 200 wpm Literary, 240 wpm Jury Charge, and 260 wpm Testimony!

Hello, my name is Jill, and I am thrilled to say I recently passed the NCRA’s RPR certification examination. After being a stay-at-home mom for several years and then working part time, I decided I wanted a “real” career again. When I ran across the Court Reporting at Home program, I knew it was perfect for me. I could work my practice into my schedule while continuing with various volunteer activities and while being there for my children after school. Court Reporting and Captioning at Home fit perfectly into my schedule.

It took me about a year and a half to complete my court reporting training, and within three months I passed the RPR Written Knowledge Test (WKT) and all three Skills Tests! The Support Department is wonderful! They helped me during each phase of my training, and I couldn’t have done it without the support I received from the CRAH Support Department. I can’t recommend this court reporting program enough to those who wish to train online from home.


Josephine L., Professional Court Reporter
Josephine L., Professional Court Reporter

When I purchased this court reporting program, I was going through a divorce and trying to figure “it all out” when I remember, as I was working in a law office, a court reporter came in and asked where she could set up. I knew then and there I wanted to be a court reporter as I watched her leave the office….and it was only 1:30!!! I still had 4 1/2 more hours to go.

I remember typing in “Court Reporting” on my computer and came across the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home online program and couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it was. I purchased it, and a few months later, I started it right away, practicing as much as I could. Unfortunately, being newly divorced and having two little girls, I kept putting my practicing on the back burner. Truth is, I became depressed, and I couldn’t even begin thinking about starting a career when I needed to start my life again!!

One morning, I knew it was now or never. The difference was, this time I was determined. Nothing was stopping me this time. I MADE THE TIME to practice every morning and every night!! I FINALLY COMPLETED, and it was time for me to start taking depositions. I contacted a few agencies and met some different people in the industry and got out there to start work!

I recently contacted Linda Bland to tell her of the news, and she was so excited to hear from me!!! It made me feel incredible, and I owe it all to her and her wonderfully structured court reporting and captioning program! As long as I gave whatever amount of time I could, even 30 minutes, I realized it was better than nothing. Some days I was able to practice 5 hours and other days only 30 minutes. I would watch TV and take my writer out and practice!!! I did whatever I could to get my practicing in!

Take it from me. It’s never too late to start this wonderful career!! I get to meet great people and make fantastic money at the same time! Do whatever it takes…PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Never give up, because the more you can put into your training, the more rewarding it will be in the end when you can look back and say, “I did it”!!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

This has been the best court reporting program that I’ve ever come across.

Josephine L.

Eve T.
Eve, Official Court Reporter

A Single Mom’s Success Story

I wanted to share my success story with you in hope that it will help motivate some other student to complete his/her training. I was a Medical Transcriptionist for over 10 years, and because our jobs were being outsourced, I began earning less and less. I started working 6 days a week just to try to make ends meet. I was working longer hours but still not making enough money.

I am a single mom and have three children. When they wanted something, I had to continually say, “I can’t afford it. I’m sorry. We just can’t get it.” It broke my heart, and after a while I really got tired of hearing those words myself. I realized it was time for a career change. After much research, I decided I wanted to pursue court reporting. I began training at a traditional court reporting school but got stuck at 100 wpm for over 6 months. I wasn’t progressing at all and was frustrated. I felt I was wasting my time and wanted to quit school. I was at my wits end. By that time, I had already accumulated a substantial amount of financial aid loans and thought I should quit before the amount increased even more. But here I was stuck at a dead-end job and now had loans to add to my debts. I didn’t know what to do.

Then, I found Court Reporting and Captioning at Home and thought it was too good to be true! I contacted Linda, and she took the time to speak to me for a long while and answered any questions I had. I think she heard the desperation in my voice. I didn’t think I could afford it, but I knew I had an income tax refund due in a couple of months. So I had to choose. I was sick of having to tell my children they couldn’t have things. Did I want to buy all of my children something they had really wanted, or did I want to spend it to take a chance on this program? I read the testimonials, talked to Linda, and I knew CRAH was the program for me. I knew the CRAH program was my savior. I took the chance.

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home  immediately developed a Speed Building Practice Regimen just for me based upon 3 hours per day, but I often practiced longer. This was MY usual day Monday through Friday:

4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Work as a medical transcriptionist from home

4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Walk the dog

4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Exercise

5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Dinner with my children

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Practice on my steno machine

On Saturdays, I worked from 4:00 a.m. to noon as a Medical Transcriptionist, ran errands, and then practiced for a few hours on my steno machine. The rest of the weekend was my special time with my children. But if we were watching t.v., I had my steno machine out writing “Law and Order” or any legal show I could find.

I followed my Speed Building Practice Regimen to the letter, and when I had built my speed, which took me about 12-18 months after I started with CRAH, I visited the courthouse where I had originally gone before starting school to find out about the career of an official court reporter. They asked me if I would like to intern with them, and I couldn’t believe it! I was going to contact CRAH to establish my internship, but this just fell in my lap! So I interned at the courthouse for about 6 months, and then I ran into a freelance court reporter with whom I had also spoken about the career of freelance court reporting before I began training, and she also offered to let me intern with her. I interned with her for the summer. Soon after, I received a phone call from one of the court reporters at the courthouse saying they had an opening and asked if I would like to apply for it. I was SO excited. I could hardly wait! However, the sister of one of the court reporters was also going to apply for the position.

I went to the courthouse and took a 2-voice dictation test where two people read to me from a transcript. I prepared my transcript and waited. A couple of weeks went by, and I hadn’t heard anything. I assumed the sister of one of the court reporters was offered the position. I had just about given up on that opportunity and was going to call Linda for assistance with job placement (Because we’re all guaranteed job placement assistance when we complete our training with CRAH), when I learned I had been chosen! I have been an official court reporter now for about a year. I just LOVE it!

I recently decided I wanted to pass the NCRA’s RPR Examination, so I contacted the CRAH Support Department and obtained their new, updated Certification Preparation Materials (academics) together with 10 Mock WKT Exams! I passed the WKT on the first attempt.

Now I am working with CRAH to pass the Skills portions of the RPR Exam. The decision I made to take the “chance” with CRAH has changed my life and the lives of my children. My income has doubled from when I was a Medical Transcriptionist. I didn’t give up because I had NO CHOICE… I HAD to complete my training, or I would never have been able to improve my children’s lives. I wanted a better life for my children. They deserved it, and frankly, so did I. I can say “Yes” now when a school expense arises, or they want something special on occasion.

I wrote this to hopefully motivate and inspire other students who say they just don’t have enough time to practice, or they can only practice one hour or two hours per day, or they’re even considering dropping out of training! You CAN make the time to practice. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it’s challenging … but it’s worth it. So single moms and married people, don’t make excuses. Make a commitment to your family and to yourself. Make the time to practice.

Thank you, Linda and Court Reporting and Captioning at Home.


Sheila Y.
Sheila Y.

I trained with CRAH’s comprehensive, self-paced program many years ago, and it helped prepare me for a career as an official court reporter. The lessons were easy to understand and the motivational quotes pumped me up and encouraged me to set my own schedule and continue toward my goal. It was very important that I secure a structured practice tool that would accommodate my busy schedule due to a sick family member and a new baby boy, thereby giving me control of when and how much I practiced and allowing me to determine how quickly I completed my training. When I had a question I could reach my support staff for an immediate response. The program was so great, I decided to return to CRAH this year and train under the Court Reporter Realtime Writing Program to transition to captioning and/or CART. The Court Reporting at Home progam to me is by far absolutely the best realtime writing home study program available today. This is an excellent program, and I would recommend it to new prospective students as well as fellow colleagues who wish to update their theory to a realtime theory or transition to captioning and/or CART providing.

— Shelia Y., Freelance Reporter, 12 years

Brenda, Court Reporter
Brenda, Court Reporter

I decided to become a court reporter later in life. I have been married for 22 years and have two daughters ages 19 and 17 that are home schooled. So my court reporting training worked out perfectly with their schedules, because we were able to do our lessons at the same time. I really didn’t know anything about court reporting or what it all entailed. I came across the CRAH website and knew that this was the company that I wanted to invest in.

I had thought about going to my Community College, but I knew that it would take me too long to finish. At the Community College you were totally dependent on their class schedules, and the CRAH self-paced program worked beautifully for me, allowing me to work it into my life at times that were convenient for me.

I was very impressed with the study program and the number of practice CDs and DVDs, and the academics were wonderful. The CRAH “Realtime Reporting and Captioning Theory” was really easy to learn. I completed my entire program in 21 months. I interned with a local court reporting company, and two weeks later I went on my first depo by myself.

I cannot express how much support and encouragement I received from the CRAH Support Department. It is a very professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and reputable company. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

CRAH Program


  1. Do you want to earn up to $100,000 or more?
  2. Do you want to work from home and have job security in a high demand profession?
  3. Do you want to own your own business and set your own schedule?
  4. Do you want to train at your own pace from the comfort of your home?
  5. Do you want to have a profession without attending college?

Then Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is for You!



All Court Reporting and Captioning at Home programs are LICENSED TO THE ORIGINAL STUDENT for life. CRAH programs are licensed, NOT sold. Components of the CRAH program may not be sold, given, or in any manner transferred to another party.


[Note: Jan knows the importance of continually striving to improve and refine this skill. She is now preparing to take the RMR Examination! CRAH has furnished her additional practice and test materials to help her achieve her next goal of 260 wpm Testimony, 240 Jury Charge, and 200 Literary!]

I was a court reporter who quit reporting 22 years ago and wanted to return to the field. I am so thankful to have found CRAH! It allowed me to easily adapt to the new court reporting technology and regain my speed and become a realtime writer.

It has taken me about a year to learn the NCRA-approved “Realtime Reporting and Captioning Theory,” rebuild my speed, and learn the court reporting software, and the CRAH prebuilt steno dictionary saved me countless hours of having to develop one on my own. The CRAH program and support staff have made it possible for me to accomplish all this while still working full time. Thank you so much for this excellent court reporting program!


I knew nothing about court reporting when I found the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program. I started from the beginning with CRAH, and at the end of my court reporting training, they helped me establish an internship with several court reporting agencies.

I was employed as a court reporter immediately upon completing my internship, and after only six months, I am earning $6,000 per month. The CRAH materials are excellent, both academics and speed building, and the support is the most important factor in helping you complete this court reporting training!

CRAH Support has been such a blessing to me. You receive free lifetime support, and they have always been there to answer me. Now that I am working professionally, I find the support no different than what it has always been, responsive and professional.

Thank you to Linda and the staff at CRAH. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today! I want to wish all of the future and present court reporting students of CRAH the best. Your future is right at your fingertips! You can be another CRAH success story.

Because of CRAH I'm a CART Provider!

Hello, my name is Lori, and I live in Texas. I recently completed my court reporting and closed captioning course with Court Reporting and Captioning at Home. Prior to my completion of the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home home study course, I sat for the National Court Reporters Association RPR Examination. I passed the written, literary and JC portions, and I am currently waiting to take the testimony portion of the RPR. I absolutely cannot begin to explain all the wonderful things about Linda and the support staff of professional court reporters. Any time I needed help, someone was always there to answer my questions or assist in any way possible. Not only do you get support answers and assistance, but you receive continual encouragement from a group of folks for whom I personally have the greatest respect. That always made a huge difference in my performance and boosted my morale tremendously. Don’t tell them, but sometimes I would even ask a silly question just so I could hear all the positive things they had to say to me. I always took away from them greater confidence and felt proud of what I had accomplished.

I wanted to work as a CART Provider, and immediately upon completion of the CRAH program, Linda helped me get a position with a wonderful company in California. My first assignment was providing CART for a class of hearing impaired students for whom English was their SECOND language! It was an extremely difficult assignment, but I am very proud to say my employer was thrilled with my performance. I have found my niche! I love providing CART. I couldn’t have done it without Court Reporting and Captioning at Home.

One last message for you that I have learned… It IS within reach. DO NOT GIVE UP!

– Lori

I was able to sit for the RPR exam and pass all three legs in one sitting with very few errors.

I just wanted to let you know that your court reporting training program has been incredibly helpful to not just those who want to learn court reporting but for us practicing court reporters out here as well. I was searching for a court reporting program for my niece who I was going to attempt to “teach” court reporting and found your site on the Web. I ordered the program immediately, and we got started.

I had been a practicing freelance court reporter for 24 years, but I had never sat for the RPR exam before, because I didn’t feel I had the necessary speed to pass the exam. I practiced by your practice CDs and test CDs for one month, at least an hour a day, and I was able to sit for the RPR exam and pass all three legs in one sitting with very, very few errors.

I love your court reporting program, and I am enjoying “teaching” my niece and am now helping several practicing court reporters who are interested in sitting for the RPR exam also, using the dictation material you’ve put together on the CDs. We especially enjoy listening to the literary takes and your constant encouragement to the students, because we feel like we’re court reporting students again as we work on improving our skills.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and your excellent court reporting program for learning court reporting at home.

Sharron, RPR

I love my new career as a freelance court reporter!

After a long career in the administrative field, I decided it was time for something different. I wanted something challenging, exciting, and that would alllow me to work for myself. A friend of mine was a court reporter, so I became interested in the field of court reporting.

After attending a traditional court reporting school and completing the theory portion of my training, I could not build my speed. This is when I contacted Court Reporting and Captioning at Home. The CRAH program helped me immensely with my speed building. The CRAH Support Department developed a speed building practice regimen that worked! I never felt like I was learning alone, because I always had access to the Support Department. I performed a short internship, and I am now a freelance court reporter and love my new court reporting career. The CRAH program allowed me to fulfill my dream for a fraction of the cost of attending a traditional court reporting school. I highly recommend it!